HOT HEAD Lampworking Glass Beadmaking Beginner Kit


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When I saw my distributor's sale price on this kit, I almost fell off my chair. This is the best deal I've ever seen on a complete beadmaking kit with a HotHead torch!

's what you will receive:

Step by step instructions HOT HEAD torch head. (Uses MAPP gas which you can purchase at any home center.) Heat resistant work surface 10 pack of mandrels Bead rake 2 sided texture marvel plate Rod scrubber Bottle holder clamp Bead release 15-104 COE Italian glass rods Fiber blanket for cooling your beads 1 ounce Millifiori assortment Information from the manufacturer:

1. Fiber Blanket- Used to slowly cool completed bead.

2. Bottle Holder - bottle holder assembly clamps on the edge of any table to hold the MAPP Gas tank securely in place without slipping.

3. Bead Release- A thick liquid coating that prevents glass from sticking to metal.

4. Hot Head (brand) Torch Designed exclusively for lamp-working

CAUTION: Do not store with torch attached to fuel tank.

5. Rake- Use rake to manipulate molten glass by dragging, raking, feathering or swirling the surface. It can be used to make air bubbles inside the bead or poke holes
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