HOT JAZZ Victor 20676 Jan Garber & His Orchestra Positively-Absolutely 78RPM E-

A quick note about photos : please note that artifacts (expecially the blob you see at ~8 O'Clock in almost every phono) is just that, an artifact. I like to take pictures in the afternoon with natural light indirectly but living in Seattle and dealing with what we call "liquid sunshine" does make this difficult. So, winter pictures are take inside under house lights. Rest assured that if there is a defect it will be noted and/or please ask questions if you would like more information. Victor 20676: Jan Garber & His Orchestra - Positively-Absolutely + You Don't Like It-Not Much E- Please feel free to make offers, I'm always open to negotiation and am more encouraged to take offers on multiple items/listings. Usually I'll at least make a counteroffer, worst case I'll just decline the offer.
78 Grading : Using standard VMJ grading scale. Slash grades (e.g. V/V-) denotes each side has a different grade, first is A-side, second is B-side. +/- : I use (+) or (-) when a record leans towards the grade above or below but I do not feel it actually grades higher or lower. Otherwise + or - outside of () is standard grading.
Shipping : Single records are shipped using a standard LP mailer. Record is removed from the sleeve to prevent any damage to the sleeve and protected between an LP mailing pad and a 12x12 piece of bubble wrap.
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