Hot Toys Rocky Movie Masterpiece Clubber Lang Figure

Item Description
This is a Hot Toys Rocky III Clubber Lang 12 Inch figure that is very rare, highly collectible and long sold out! This figure may have been on display but is in like new condition with no marks or signs of wear to the figure and the package is in great shape as well aside from some marks to the display window and a small cut to the back of the package. I received the item this way and have tested all the joints to make sure the figure works properly as i have much experience with Hot Toys figures and know everything is included, even the instructions which are essential if you do plan on taking the figure out of the box for display and at this price you will find no better guaranteed!
This Clubber Lang figure stands 12 inches high and is an accurate representation of Mr. T and is a recreation of when Clubber Lang faced Rocky not once but twice in Rocky III. Clubber Lang the hard hitting brawler, is much like his boxing style: direct, aggressive and brutal. Clubber defeated Rocky in their first fight and became the new Heavyweight Champion of the World, but Rocky came away with a victory in their second fight to regain the title.
This figure Includes:
Over 22 points of articulation Hot Toys muscular body Real Cloth Fabric Outfit with a championship belt, boxing shorts and a black outer robe.
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