Hot Wheels 2000 Chicago Cubs 2-pack

You are bidding on a 2000 Chicago Cubs HOT WHEELS 2-pack . The cars are in mint condition on mint card and blister. � Point of Fact: These cars provide far more enjoyment than the actual Chicago Cubs.I was a Mattel employee until 2003 and, in the time that I was with the company, I acquired a number of Mattel products. � Over these next couple of weeks, I will be selling everything that I have. � I am not a collector so nearly every item has been kept in storage in its original packaging since I left the company. � My auctions will include a good selection of Hot Wheels as well as items from other product lines including Barbie, Matchbox, Harry Potter, Masters of the Universe , and others. � If you're interested in seeing what I have, please follow my auctions and, if you have any questions or requests, I will do my best to address them. Also, if you feel that you may end up purchasing multiple items, please ask me to delay shipping of anything that you've won until you feel that you are through bidding. � That way, I can save you on shipping costs by sending everything you've won all at once. � Thank you.