Hot Wheels, Ford,Hall of Fame,Neo Classics,Final Run,Rod&Custom,Haul'n,Riders

Lot of fifteen (15) Hot Wheels as follows, see corresponding photos:
Firebird Funny Car, "Final Run" series, 2002 last production run. Indy Race Car (500) , "Final Run" series, 2001 last production run. '36 Ford Coupe, "Neo- Classics" series, Hot Wheels , only 11000 produced, #10524/11000, in protecto-pak. Beach Bomb Too, 2003 Red Line Club Exclusive Holiday Car, only 11914 produced, #03148/11914, in protecto-pak. Dodge Viper GTS-R, "Got Speed" series. Dodge Sidewinder Pickup, "Haul 'N Asphalt" series. Ferrari 156 F1, "Hall of Fame" series. Olds Aurora GTS-1, "Hall of Fame" series. Surf Crate, Hot Wheels on line exclusive, only 10,000 produced, #04174/10,000, in protecto-pak. Chevy Chevelle, "Motor City Muscle" series. Ford Focus, "Ford" series. Anglia Panel Truck, "Rod & Custom" series. Custom Fleetside, Hot Wheels , only 10,500 produced, #04149/10,500, in protecto-pak. Customized VW Drag Truck, 2004 First Editions (Card says 101 of 100 misprint?) '32 Ford, "Auto Milestones" series. All vehicles come in their original packaging. ALL VEHICLES HAVE BEEN REMOVED FROM THEIR ORIGINAL PACKAGING FOR DISPLAY IN A GLASS CABINET. THEY HAVE NOT BEEN PLAYED WITH AND HAVE ONLY BEEN TOUCHED TO PUT IN AND REMOVE FROM CABINET. The packaging for all vehicles is in used condition and all packaging has damage. All vehicles being sold "AS
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