Hot Wheels Legends Life Snake Prudhomme 1/24 Funny Car

HOT WHEELS LEGENDS TOLIFE SNAKE FUNNY CAR 1/24. This was ordered new by my father from Prudhomme and was still in the brown shipping box (I can email you a picture if you like). I opened the inside box and it is still all wrapped up and signed by Don "The Snake" Prudhomme. As you can see, all of the registration paperwork is for you to fill out.
To see the functions and the operationof the car, please see a demonstration of a similar car at the following URL:
Audio includes the race call at Lions Dragway by the late Dave McClelland. The car starts, body shakes, does a tire spinning burnout, body rises to reveal spinning blower belt and sparkplug fire on the engine block while the LED lights on the header tips fire red in firing sequence. Body goes down, the lighted tree is activated, and the car pops a wheely with tires spinning at the green light.

Includes ALL of the following:

Outer Cardboard Shipping Carton; Inner Printed Box with Clamshell styrofoam inserts for base, clear acetate cover for car, and the car body itself. Inner printed box has some minimaledge wear from being removed from outer shipping carton.

Owner's Manual

Instruction Manual

Two (2) full color photolike prints, one which opens as a brochure explaining all operations of the car.

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