Hot Wheels Mattel Employee Bruce Baur VW Beetle Prototype

ATTENTION: eBay does not allow sellers to protect/defend themselves from undeserved negative feedback so please allow me be very clear upfront. :) I have been a member since 1997 (18 years!) I was a member BEFORE you could even use photos. I am self employed which means I work 7 days a week and mostly 12+ hrs per day so there may be some delay in shipment now and then. There is no excuse for being negative. That said, my colleagues, friends and fellow collectors who know me will tell you that I always work hard to please anyone who buys from me.
This item(s) is from the personal collection of long time Mattel employee and design manager Bruce Baur and life-long collector Rob Forbes. Bruce Baur was a prolific designer with more than 20 years at Mattel and is credited with some of the most iconic Hot Wheels castings of all time. Designs include: Baur's Beasts, Way 2 Fast, Rigor Motor, Guitar Car, Twin Mill II, Power Pipes and many more. Rob Forbes has spent the last 20 years collecting the highest quality investment cars with specific concentration on proto, preproduction and prototype castings.
There are approximately 3,800 pieces in this rare collection and I want to be able to share it with the collecting community. I do NOT know one can know it all. If you see a mistake please bring it to my attention. Thanks!
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