Hot Wheels red line Mighty Maverick and Todero

are 2 Hot wheels Red Line cars.First is a Mighty Maverick.This one is gold in color with black interior.Car is in mint condition .No scratches,paint chips,breaks or nicks.Collector badge is included.On the badge it shows a wing on the trunk of the car.I don't know if the car should have one or not.If so,It's missing.Some please one let me know.Dated 1969.Hood opens and closes.Next is the Todero.It is a blueish green color with a white interior.Also as close to mint as you can get with no nicks,paint chips,cuts or scratches.the only thing I see is a very small flaw in windshield.Don't know what it is.Dated 1968.Nice to add to your collection.

I have been informed that t should indeed be a wing on the back of the Maverick.Thanks,Chuck.