This is the real thing folks, a Custom Corvette produced in 1968 and is all original.

This car has been played with, but not that much and it's gold which is a less common color for US cars. I do want to point out there's a crack in the back window. Check out the pictures, the car is pretty nice.

Check out the other cars I have listed tonight, all start at 99 cents! I list 10-20 cars every Sunday, Tuesday and Wednesday, so I hope you'll check out my other lots.

Combined Shipping: The car will be boxed and bubble wrapped and I am very willing to multiple ship other cars with it for 50 cents extra per car up to a maximum of $1.50. All additional cars after that will be shipped free and I'll be very happy to combine cars from other nights. Please wait to pay until I invoice you because I have to adjust the shipping manually and one single payment will be REQUIRED. I'm sorry everyone, but this has been forced down my throat and there can be no exceptions. Multiple car lots may have more expensive shipping costs and if so, will be the base rate for additional cars. Priority Mail is available at additional cost. If you want that service please ask me for it before paying.