Hot Wheels, RLC Legends Collection - RARE

Hot Wheels, RLC Legends Collection

Back when the Hot Wheels Online club took off they offered limited sets under the Legends Theme. These Models were the first offered and cam in 1/24 & 1/64 matching sets. The numbers on these two sets are very low. These don;t appear too often on e-bay. The collectables Customized Drag Bus was kimited as well.

Twin Mill – two car set 1/24 and 1/64 A0067

49’ Merc – two car set 1/24 and 1/64 B0312

Collectables 1:18 Scale

Customized Drag Bus with detailed Engine

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Most were never opened. I also have many of the collector’s cars that were available at 6 conventions and two nationals. So stay tuned and I hope you find something your looking for. Most of the items will be sold in lots as I do not have the time to run auctions for each individual item. I also have boxes and boxes of the old blue cards. If you have questions or need a close up pic then please e-mail me at . I have 100% feedback and will usually mail the item on the day the buyer pays unless it’s a weekend. I have retired and am moving to Belize on the beach to finish out my days and unfortunately there is not enough room in my suitcase for the cars, only room for memories.

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