Hot Wheels Smokey and the Bandit '77 Pontiac Firebird ©2012 Mattel - On Card

Good Day! Up for sale today we have a cool Hot Wheels Smokey and the Bandit '77 Pontiac Firebird car. This was manufactured in 2012 by Mattel, and it is still in its original packaging. We did list it as "used" because it is pre-owned, and also the card isn't totally mint or anything. It does have some edge wear, particularly at the bottom two corners, which have some dings and are folded up/back some. They are frayed here some too. On the back of the card, you can see the white at the edges. There are a couple little dings on the back of the box too, like a little scuff off to the right of the universal logo on the left hand side of the packaging. Check out the pictures, because they will probably give you the best idea of the condition of the item. A picture's worth a thousand words! We do have some other Hot Wheels cars to list, though I think this is the coolest one. If you are interested, though, definitely check out our store! We will ship this item either wrapped up in a bubble mailer or a small box. It will most likely ship First Class, and tracking information will be included. Please see shipping terms below.
Questions Welcome! Please Feel Free to Send Us A Message Via eBay!
Please Refrain From Bidding if you Do Not Intend to Purchase the Item. We have had a rash of no-pays lately. It is really a hassle for us.
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