Hot Wheels Speed Racer Steering Wheel

This Hot Wheels Speed Racer Wheel takes you close to the action, and makes you feel like you're actually driving the Mach 5! This toy features both interactive action play and realistic sounds which change depending on the motion. With flashing lights you can defeat the bad guys, but if you take a wrong turn prepare for the crash noises! With over 20 sounds, and 20 phrases, kids will love this Speed Racer Steering Wheel. Requires 3 AA batteries.
This is a well-kept item. Item is in very good condition (except for a few small scratch’s on the backplate face - please see the pictures to see the scratches) , with good care and only used a handful of times. All parts have been cleaned and sanitized.

Constructed from lightweight plastic. Features realistic sounds. Steering wheel buttons replicate those on Speed's Mach 5. Makes over 20 sounds and 20 phrases.