HotBodies LightningStadium Truggy 1/8 scale Nitro

HOTBODIES STADIUM LIGHTNING. 1/8 th scale nitro racing truggy. This truggy has been raced for 3 years and has almost been totaly rebuilt since. The steering setup has been a problem with it since I got it. I have replaced the steering ackerman rack with an aftermarket piece and the servo saver and other steering tube have been replaced and the steering is as good if not better then my MUGEN. This has been an excellent truck. Built very durable, and the OFNA .28 is more then enough motor for this truck. The included list is as follows:

2- Bodys. 1 is the stock one#11, and the #3 is a j-concepts is good shape. Will have a second wing with it also.

Engine is a .28 OFNA that has a spin start for it. It has a new ONFA metal clutch shoes(purple) with mugen 1.1 springs and new clutch bearings.

The pipe is a Dynamite 2 piece and will include a new GS silicone seperater sleeve

Tires are New never run PANTHER BOAS

Servos are throttle- HiTec HS625MG, Steering- Airtronics 94358

Shocks have been swapped for a set of CEN screw adjusteable fronts, and a OFNA screw adjust rears.

Both front and rear control arms are new never run units.

This is a Used truck that I have Run and Won WITH. THIS ISNT THE LATEST AND THE GREATEST FOR FREE. So if thats what youre looking for try the
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