Hotel Wentworth - Pasadena - 1907 -Silver Syrup Pitcher

is a very rare 1907 era silver plate ½ pint 3 ¾" tall by 5 ½" wide (measured from the opposite end of the base to the opposite end of the handle) lidded syrup pitcher for the famous Hotel Wentworth that was located on Oak Knoll at Pasadena. The Hotel Wentworth was opened in 1907 on the Oak Knoll overlooking the Pasadena area and was quite the large and magnificent hotel. Hotel Wentworth, built by General Wentworth, manager of the older and only slightly less pretentious Hotel Raymond, (which was constructed in 1903) atop the beautiful Oak Knoll. At this time, Pasadena California became famous for its resort hotels (the Green, the Pintoresca, Maryland, and Raymond), at once acknowledged the preeminence of the Wentworth and surrounded it with stately and costly mansions. Henry E. Huntington eventually acquired the Hotel Wentworth and later renamed it the Huntington. However in order serve his namesake hotel and its rich contributory areas, Huntington (through the Los Angeles Interurban Railway) built a cross-country double-track line due north from El Molino to a connection with the Pasadena city system at Lake Avenue & California Street in 1906. When the Oak Knoll Line opened in 1906, it was known as the Wentworth Line and later fell under the operation of what is commonly referred to as the Pacific Electric. The hotel also had ... read more