(Houdini) Original Art Work

(Houdini) Original Art Work. Pencil and Ink Sketch, 20`x12½`, Signed by the artist: `R.B. Ogle / 1920.` The scene shows a frightened Houdini dangling by a rope from one bi-plane as it crashes with a second plane. This scene actually occurred while Houdini was filming The Grim Game, one of five movies he made. The legend below the sketch, with the title `Exploits of Houdini,` quotes Houdini: `…I was dangling from the rope end ready for the leap. Suddenly a strong wind turned the lower plane upwards, the two machines crashed together - nearly amputating my limbs - the propellors locked in a deadly embrace, and we were spun round and round….` The sketch and board, to which it is affixed, are torn in the lower left corner; the board is patched with old tape on the back and one small piece in the legend. This scene could possible have been drawn for a lobby card to be exhibited in the theater. In any event, it is intriguing and the art work is original.