House of Hatten Ornament Father Frost Santa Figure 1989

Hi! This item is made by the House of Hatten and has the original tag with detailed information!

This ornament is wood, and of Father Frost.

The story on the tag:

Around the world, St. Nicholas has many names and many faces. But wver the place and whatever the name, the sentiments be embodies remain the same. In Russia, he is simply called Father Frost.

Once known as St. Nicholas, his name was changed to Father Frost by the Russian people after the communists initiated goverment bans on all things "Christian", including the celebration of Christmas. But even though his name had changed, he remained the same loving gift-giving spirit he had always been. And so, the legend of St. Nicholas endured.

The design is incredibly special to me because it's creation was really magical...

In the fall of 1989, the world was forever changed by the historical events which exploded across Eastern Europe and Russia. Like the rest of the world, I was moved by the courage of these people who were standing at freedom's door. I was working in my studio and listening to the news reports when, in my mind, I began to hear the music of mandolins and the gleam of candle lights. I could smell rosemary and oranges and cinnamon; and, I could see the joyous face of St. Nicholas. I created "Father Frost" to
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