House of Stairs Metal Framed Art Print M. C. Escher 31x18 Surreal B&W Estate

M.C. Escher....
" ... an independent artist of strong individuality ... woodcuts and lithographs probing aspects of illusion and reality, visual ambiguities, and metamorphoses of forms ... his studies of scenes using false perspective are rendered with such convincing illusion that one must look sharply to discover the flaw ...".

This print is from an estate in very nice condition. The metal frame was professionally done and is a brushed bronze color. The camera picks up too much reflection to show up close and any wear so small your eye should be on the art print and not a grain of sand.

The print also seems to exceed the glass and is not under the frame for a mm or 2mm's. An exacta knife would remove it if you choose.

There seems to be slight wave in one corner but it is under the glass and not a crease. If you would like it can be remove.

Now that's all said you will see from the pictures it's a true surreal Escher art print that anyone with a curious mind will stand in front of and wonder it's hidden meaning and who was Escher?