HOVERBOARD PARTS Pit Bull Back to the Future 2 II Bottom Pieces Magnets & Batt

So... You wanna build your own Hover Board?!?
I have already done the hard part for you!
You are getting EXACTLY what you see in the pictures! Two Base "Magnets", and the "Battery Pack".
Each piece has been Vac-U-Formed, just trim, paint, and mount on to your own hoverboard.
With these pieces you can make any of the 6 Hover Boards seen in the movie "Back to the Future 2" Mattel Pink / Blue No Tech Rising Sun PittBull Thriller
You can mount these directly to your hover board, or use them as molds to cast your own parts with resin.
These have been Vac-U-Formed with .040 HIPS Styrene Plastic.
Again, you are getting EXACTLY what you see in the photos. These are rough casts, you will need to Trim, Paint, and Mount them onto your own Board!
I will only be making a limited run of these, so get them while you can!!!