You are bidding on a orginal hovercard levitating card trick. This trick was bought only a couple of months ago but I have since changed the brand of bicycle cards that I use.

Originally bought for $25 and shipped in from America which makes this brand of hovercard pretty rare. Card is in great condition

Unlike most imitations of this product this card has a red bicycle back so can be simply added to your current deck rather than having to pull out a sperate deck just to perform this trick which always looks unprofessional.

Included within this auction is the hovercard (red bicycle back) you will need to already own a red bicycle deck to suit this gimmick and the training DVD that teaches you everything you need in order to learn and perform this ellusion.

The Trick - No strings, threads or wires. The lifting motion is slow; the force is under your control. Has been difficult to obtain anywhere. Now manufactured by Ellusionist, you can count on perfection and smoothness of operation every time. Take care of it and it will last a long time
The trick is more powerful than you realise .

Check out Brad Christians performance of hovercard on you tube.

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