This incredible book is "How to Make Cherokee Clothing" written and illustrated by Donald Sizemore with the purpose of preserving the old way of dress. Designs, patterns, decorations and styles of construction are taken directly from samples of old Cherokee outfits so the patterns in this book are authentic and distinctive to tribal identity. Book is divided into many sections such as :
Cherokee Shirts - hunting, Medicine Man's, embroidered and quilled shirt, war shirt, etc
Cherokee Fur Cape - Lacing on claws and beads, feathers, old way of preparing feathers, how to make shell gorgets
Cherokee Embroidered Vest
Fur Robes & Blankets - Medicine Man's Bear Robe, cutting bear head for lining, lining the bear head, etc
Featd Hat of the War Chief
War Chief's Clothing - leggings, breechclout, belt, ravenskin necklace, deer-hoof anklets, etc
Belts of the Cherokee - loom-beaded belt, embroidered belt, Wampum belt, etc
Dress Styles of the Women - wrap-around skirt, jacket, leather wrap-around skirt, one-piece dress, patchwork dress, etc
Cherokee Moccasins - center-seam moccasin, Cherokee boot, 3-piece and 1-piece boots, decorating footwear, etc
Headdresses - deer tail headdress, roach headdress, headbands
Hairstyles - styles and ornaments for men's and women's hair, quilled
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