Howard Hughes Corporation Glass Mug Cup Vintage Class

Of course, a Mug made for The Howard Hughes Corporation would be Extra Nice. The mug has a soft bevel on the Inside. That gives it a Rich look. Made in U.S.A. is embossed on the bottom. When you look under a magnifier, you can see w the silver rim is thin in a few places. But I'm not sure if that is from wear or just because I was looking under a magnifier! Cuz it's not obvious to the nake eye and the rest of the mug looks New! Not even any surface wear to the bottom! I have had this for awhile and I know they don't come up on Ebay very often. Shipping will be $5.00 cuz it is Heavy!

I accept PAYPAL ONLY. Pmt must be rec'd by the 5th day (NOT Business Days) after the end of auction or I will relist on the 6th day. PERIOD. Clean & Simple. You can EMAIL me for a Paypal exception, I will be happy to work with you. I already realize this creates issues for some Ebayer's. For that, I am Sorry. BUT I have tried alot of policies - bottom line is I have to have a policy that presents the least issues for ME. Another case of how the majority has to accept rules that the minority made necessary. Thank You. I am not a retailer, just a collector. Items are sold 'as is', unless I have grossly mis-repped the item.