Howe-Orme "Lute Banjo" RARE , Ottawa Canada 1893

Here is a really RARE Pre Howe-Orme Era Banjo Lute. This is made just by J.L Orme & Son, Ottawa, Canada.
The label reads:
The "Orme" Lute-Banjo Pat. 14 Nov, 1893 Pat. 13 Feb, 1894 Pat 23 Apr. 1895
Serial Number 97
This is a project, the piece of wood missing from the side is all there (see photo 3). The neck was inside the body when I found it, I don't know if it is original to the body, as it is called a "banjo-lute" so I'm not sure if the mandolin neck is right or not. Own a piece of history with this one.
Shipping is $30 to Canada / US $65 International