hoyt protec xt 2000 compound bow

hoyt xt2000 compound bow.

it comes with a cobra sight 5 new arrows and a hoyt quiver. If you hold your bow with your right hand and pull with your left, then this is the right bow for you.

is what hoyt had to say about their bow:

The new ProTec features an advanced TEC riser design that provides for an overall increase in balance and stability. It also now incorporates Hoyt’s TRIAX Pocket Stabilization System for unmatched pocket tolerances. The forgiving deflex riser design of the ProTec combined with its longer axle to axle length, high performance Cam & 1/2 and Hoyt’s Pro-Fit Custom Grip make this one of the most accurate bows in the world!
Standard Configuration Axle To Axle: 37 1/2" Deflex Geometry: 1/2" Brace Height: 8 1/8" Draw Weight (Hunting): 40-80# Draw Weight (Target): 30-80# Mass Weight: 4 LB. 4 OZ. XT 2000
Limbs XT 3000
Limbs XT 4000
Limbs Cam & 1/2 24.5-33"
300 fps I.B.O. 26-34.5"
292 fps I.B.O. 27-36"
279 fps I.B.O. Spiral Cam & 1/2 25.5-32"
310 fps I.B.O. 27-34"
305 fps I.B.O. n/a Wheel & 1/2 n/a 27-34"
272 fps I.B.O. 28-35"
260 fps I.B.O. Cam & 1/2 available in 65% or 75% let-off.
I.B.O. speeds based on 70 lb. 30” draw. For performance based on your setup, see your Hoyt dealer. (Bow manufactured under one or more
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