HPI BAJA 5B 5t UNDERTRAY complete the look of your baja

ONE NEW TEAM BLUEGROOVE BAJA UNDERTRAY/SIDE PROTECTOR SYSTEM . This aution includes one undertray clear, [unpainted ,untrimmed] for the hpi baja. this undertray completly covers the exposed baja chassis bottom and sides and gives the body a complete look as seen in pic of orange baja. as well it keeps the inside of the chassis clean and protected from scratches[this is perfect for those with a polished chassis]. The under tray can be painted to match your exsisting body. This undertray can be held on with exsisting chassis screws; the four on the bottom rear section. It can also be tucked under the bottom plastic covers in the front and rear on the bottom of the chassis. The top edge of the undertray sides can be held on with the 4 upper screws [near radio box mounts] on top of the chassis by using the extra untrimmed lexan connected to this undertray. You could also velcro it to the inside of the upper main body by using the same extra untrimmed lexan. T are other mounting options possible (double sided tape, velcro).