HPI Blitz ESE --- losi 2.0 short course scte tekno associated

UP FOR SALE hpi Blitz ESE in excellent condition! add your electronics and this truck is ready to hit the track.

I bought this truck new and built the kit myself so I can tell you with confidence this truck will compete with the best! It never failed to finish a race and is one of the most fun rigs I've had a chance to own.

with the truck you will receive a few spare parts, owners manual, original box, and a body. The truck is in great shape! I make sure to take very good care of all my rigs especially this one.

if I have any extra wheels and tires ill throw them in the box :) .... I think I might have some hidden so ill do my best to find them for ya..

lower 48 only
no returns due to the nature of the hobby