HPI Racing Savage Flux Hp Upgraded To XL Chassis Radio Controlled Truck RTR

You are bidding on my used Savage Flux HP XL

� If you are looking for an extreme RC truck this is it

This is a ready to run solution. Factory Radio / Receiver / Steering Servo / Flux Tork 2200 Motor / Blur Brushless Speed Control ARE ALL INCLUDED

Just add 2 Matched batteries and you are up and running. I have been driving with 3s lipos. THIS THING IS BIG AND SICK FAST

I am including three bodies. The original body and the green short course truck body have severe road rash . And a brand new black short course truck body

I have made a few changes to improve performance

I upgraded the chassis to the Savage XL which is several inches longer

I upgraded to Savage XL axles for a wider stance

I upgraded to 8 HPI Savage XL shocks. Huge improvement for jumping

I upgraded the rims/tires to a more aggressive tread with a stiffer and lower profile side wall

I upgraded to a heavy duty cup joint

I just installed a new drive gear

I just installed a brand new HPI rear diff and case

Replaced the drive shaft pin with a screw and lock nut

I added velcro straps to the battery trays to keep the covers from opening

The roll bar and body mounts are worn down but are still functional�

The front bumper support screws broke so I modified

The wheelie bar support arm has cracked on both sides on the backside but still seems to function fine

I have the original box and manual. Plus you'll get the original Savage Flux HP side rails, original drive shaft (needed if you go back to stock side rails), 25 tooth pinion, set of 14mm hex wheel hubs, and the smaller wheelie bar wheel

I am original owner of this truck and it was purchased as a new in box item. Product will be packed in original box and then placed in a protective shipping box

This truck is in great used condition. The only reason I am selling is to get back into 1/5 scale RC

Let me know if you have any questions

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