HPL: A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) by Meade & Penny Frierso

HPL: A Tribute to Howard Phillips Lovecraft (1890-1937) by Meade & Penny Frierson 1972 1972

Book Condition: Very Good +

Authors: Meade & Penny Frierson; Manly Wade Wellman; Robert E. Howard; Richard L. Tierney; R. Alain Everts; George T. Wetzel

Cover Artist: Robert Kline

Edition: First edition

Publisher: Meade & Penny Frierson

Location: AL

Date: 1972

Features: VG+ in Wraps. 1,000 copies printed. by Meade & Penny Frierson. There are 144 pages. Lovecraftian fanzine loaded w/ numerous authors & illustrators such as Finlay, Lee Brown Coye, Corben, Fabian, & many others.

Interior Artist: Stephen Fabian; Tim Kirk; Johns Adkins Richardson; Dany Frolich; Herb Arnold; Jim Garrison

This item is from the Robert Weinberg Collection. Robert Weinberg is a well-known and respected author, editor and collector. We are honored to sell his tremendous collection of First Editions, rare pulps, digests, paperbacks and related ephemera.


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