HS116 Side Feed Pistol Trigger Airbrush Kit

This fantastic Airbrush can be used for extended periods of time without your finger getting tired. Capable of spaying lines 1mm thick. This Trigger-Type Airbrush is of the gravity side-feed double action type, which means that initial spray will emit mostly air to enable fine adjustment of paint spray volume. This high-grade airbrush features cup moulded on to airbrush as one metallic piece.

Model HS116 Airbrush Specifications:

Dual-action, Side Feed Internal Mix, 0.3 mm Nozzle

Working pressure:15-50 psi Cup capacity:10c.c and 15 c.c Cup fix:

Side screw fix Fine detail to 3/4" (0.3mm to 20mm) spray pattern

0.2mm & 0.5mm Replacement needle & nozzle

1.8 Meter 1/8 * 1/8 Braided Hose

We also stock aditional size nozzles and needles as all other parts.

All airbrushes come with 1 year warranty covering manufacturing faults.