HTF 999 Happy Haunts Ball Grave Sculpture LimEd 1,500

We're offering for sale a truly magical Mansion masterpiece that's limited to an edition of only 1,500 sculptures world wide. This gem is the 2003 999 Happy Haunts Ghost gift sculpture that's roughly 9 inches tall, in mint condition and must be seen in person to truly appreciate it's extraordinarily detailed and scary hand painted design that features a ugly, gruesome human arm reaching out of a grave beneath a eerie grave stone that has a black raven perched upon it. Flick a tiny switch on the sculptures solid wooden base and all of a sudden the arm glows an eerie green glow and the jet black raven comes to life with his eyes glowing a deep red and squawks and squawks a super scary crying sound! This fine collectible is simply spooky spectacular in every way you can imagine! You had to personally attend the 999 Happy Haunts Walt Disney World Haunted Mansion special event back in 2003 to even have the opportunity to purchase this magical Mansion masterpiece that'll surely remind you of all the scary chills and frightening thrills that the Mansion has offered for going on 38 years. We've been collecting Disney limited edition and rare collectives for going on 25 years and we're now going to make 95% of them available to our fellow Disney collecting fans and family. Feel free ask us questions at