Very Rare HTF Amber Pee Wee Lightning Rod Weathervane Ball In Mint Condition!

Here we have for sale a very rare lightning rod ball. This is a medium amber Ribbed Horizontal or Pee Wee style lightning rod ball. I recently took a few of these down off a house here in Kentucky. I've tried to buy these for 22+ years and had to pay a hefty price to get them. I am going to offer this one ball and thats it! The rest I'm keeping. This is a 100% old original ball. It is in mint condition. Collars are factory perfect. Body of ball is perfect. It is dirty as found with traces of the mercury coating inside. Pictures 1 and 2 show top 1/2 of ball with a close up of the collar. The 3rd and 4th pictures show bottom 1/2 of ball with a close up of the collar. This a top shelf ball and is worthy of the best of collections. You'll see white and blue milk glass and rarely a sun colored amethyst but amber is a very tough color next to red. When was the last time you saw a mint amber Pee Wee offered?? Insurance is mandatory as this is a rare piece. This is a one time auction, it either sells or I keep it. There won't be a sale, so don't look for one.