Hubert Selby Jr. Requiem For A Dream 1978 HC DJ 1st edition first printing

First edition first printing of Hubert Selby Jr's Requiem For A Dream published by Playboy Press in 1978; hardcover with very good facsimile dust jacket, priced at $9.95, in a book that itself is bright, square, unmarked and in very good condition. A good read from a great writer.

Lonely widow Sara Goldfarb nurtures fantasies about appearing on prime-time television, while her son Harry, along with girlfriend Marion and buddy Tyrone C. Love, plans his break into big-time drug dealing.

The facsimile dust jackets are produced from first edition originals. The originals have been scanned digitally into high resolution files and then restored (taking away all nicks and chips etc.). The restored images are then printed using a high quality large format printer onto a single sheet of acid free archival paper using archival quality fade resistant inks. The result is a clean presentation quite suitable as a gift. .