Hubley ATOMIC Disintegrator Space Ray Gun VG-EX cond

This is a 1950s Hubley Atomic Disintegrator, it is in very good condition. There is some rust on the cap cover plate and some slight separation at the base of the red plastic handles also I have never fired caps from it and the hammer spring does not seem to work but all the internal cap parts are intact other wise your ready to have fun with this classic collectable.The Atomic Disintegrator was the only space gun made by Hubley, and it set the gold standard! This is a beautiful and solid metal cap gun from the 50's. It is awesomely detailed, with knobs and dials, and its name "Atomic Disintegrator" emblazoned on both sides. Pull the secret knob under the tip of the barrel to release the loading chamber! This is a fun collectable.