Hubsan FPV Lynx 4Ch Coaxial Helicopter NEW 193121

Brand NEW in box.

Hubsan Westland Lynx RTF 2.4GHz FPV Co-Axial Helicopter

The a Hubsan Westland Lynx RTF 2.4G FPV Co-Axial Helicopter is simply amazing. Not only is it a great flyer, it features a 5-megapixel camera that shoots live video directly to a 3.5" LCD monitor on the transmitter - in color! The Lynx features a CNC-machined rotor head and swashplate, and a durable molded fuselage. The flight controls can be programmed via the transmitter for beginner or expert flyers, making the Lynx a good choice for all types of pilots. The Lynx is a co-axial heli and features a 4-in-1 control unit that includes a tail rotor gyro for stability, a flight control mixer, an ESC and the receiver.


• 4-Channel, Co-Axial Design

• Can Be Flown Indoors (or Outdoors In No More Than a Very Light Breeze)

• Tail Rotor Gyro

• Selectable Flight Control Sensitivity for Beginner or Expert

• CNC-Machined Rotor Head and Swashplate

• Includes 5-Megapixel Camera Installed Below Mainframe

• 2.4G Transmitter with 3.5" LCD Color Monitor


• Weight: 202g

• Main Rotor Diameter: 338mm

• Motor: 130 (Main x 2)

• Transmitter: 4-Channel 2.4G with 3.5" LCD Color Monitor

• Video Transfer Frequency: 5.8GHz

• Control Distance: 100 to
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