HUDSON RIVER Palisades Cliff New Jersey Oil Painting

" People of the river "

9 x 12

by Mark James Mace

Oil on acid free fredrix canvas .

Hello & thanks for reading. A Fine piece for a collector. I painted this in very early spring this year. It was almost 75 & not even april yet. Mabie you know this wonderful landscape. It is looking south west across the hudson river at the palisades cliffs. A majestic view. They are a beautiful ridge of cliffs & trees that stretch down the west bank of the southern hudson river valley. There are no houses or any development accept for a tower of some kind, Way down on top of the bank. I Hope this will be the last of that! along this strip.

This is an iconic painting with a priceless view. This is how it looked since the ice age. I painted it from Westchester county N.Y. I have been looking at these cliffs all my life. I know them well.

Any way Spring was in the air. It was a bit misty, some soft clouds with a milky sky that gave you a feeling of peace. While I was painting it along came these two young girls. They were gazeing at the river & the beautiful view. On a spring day people are drawn to this gorgous spot on the hudson. They reflect on the winters past & welcome the warmer spring days. The two girls were just what the painting needed. They did not even no that an artist
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