HUGE 100 MARVEL civil war comic lot FREE SHIPPING!!

I have for sale a huge marvel civil war comic lot. All are mint and unread unless noted next to the . you get for starters a Marvel Whose side are you on? mini poster (has small hole and a crease at the bottom corner) and 2 civil war post cards one has a check list on the back. Now are the comics you get Fantastic four 536 (small bend on the bottom corner) & 537, Daily Bugle Civil war paper, opening Shot sketch book, The road to civil war The New Avengers Illuinatti, The return ( white cover), Civil War Choosing sides 1st print, Civil war files, Civil war 1-7 Both covers of 1(capt america cover) 2 (spiderman unmasked cover), 3 (thor cover, as well as all 7 reg. covers, Front line 1-11 reg covers as well as #1 2nd print,& 3 2nd print. X Men 1-4, Wolverine 42-48, Avengers 21 (both covers)-25,Young Avengers & runaways 1-4, Amazing Spiderman 534-538 both covers for 537, Cable & Deadpool 30,31,32, Heroes for Hire 1&2 Black Panther 22-25, Mr Marvel 6,7,8, Fantastic Four 538,539, 540 & 543 Thuderbolts #103 (2nd print) X Factor #8, She Hulk #8 (2nd print) Captain America 22-25 (Both covers for 25) Daily Bugle Newpaper about Captain America being assassinated, Capt. America 25 2nd print variant, Iron Man 13&14 Punisher War journel 1(both covers)2,3 Iron Man Captain America Both covers, The Confession, ... read more