Huge 1200+ Vintage Photo Lot 1910s-50s 7+ lbs of Photos

I use vintage photographs for scrapbooking projects and I have bought a lot over the years. I don't end up using most of what I have collected and am cleaning out my photo closet to make room for more photos.
This is a huge lot and there are a lot of good photos in it. Dealers, collectors and artists will find plenty of what they need in this big collection. They have been purchased from various sources including collector friends and flea markets over a period of 15 years. I wish I could have provided more photos on here but ebay only allows 12. It only allows me to show you a small but random sample of what is in it.
Most are in good to very good condition but they range from fair to excellent. Some may have tears, stains, poor resolution, etc...
The dates range from about 1910 up to about 1955 but of course that's my best guess. There about 30 8x10 portraits and enlargements of various subjects. They have a little curl at the end where they were stacked in a box which was a little short, still in good condition though.
There are also quite a few of the snapshot folders or folios that you could get your developed photos in and they could be torn out or left in the folders. All of them have at least 2 or 3 photos in them. The rest of the lot is all snapshots and some smaller portraits.
Most of the photos have
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