★HUGE 7.14" 190mm 1st Quality ★ HALF AMMONITE ★ fossils of Madagascar Jurrassic

( shipping from la Réunion Island by French post, sure and safety)


z 208

ammonite Cleoniceras from Madagascar

cut an polished

with perfect geode , design "fren" ( motif fougére) & somme irridescence of pearl of mother ( reflet de nacre )

quantité 1/2 ammonite 1 HALF AMMONITE size/dimension



506 grammes 17.8 oz


Just arrived from Madagascar January 2013 / Jurassic Albien 3OO OOO OOO years old

from a mine in the coast west of Madagascar ( Mahajunga)

polisher in ou own family shop in Antananarivo Madagascar,

we send the ammonites from la Réunion Island, by french post

take your chance to win it !

boutique/shop LE ZOMA ( marché Malgache -Boutique)

NOSY-TSIKY ( we help the schooling of children in Madagascar)

NOSY-TSIKY ( smiley Island) is our humanitary organisation

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