Huge 16.5 inch Weller Bonito Pink Poppy Bowl **NICE**

Thursday, 3/6, will be the 7th day this bowl has been up for auction, and apparently no interest. I LOVE this bowl and have decided if no bidders by 3/6, I will be ending the auction early and keep for myself, so if you are interested, bid now.

This vintage serving bowl made by Weller Pottery is absolutely stunning. It measures 16 1/2" across, and 3 1/2" in height. It is marked "Weller Pottery," incised in the bottom. It is painted with great detail with pink poppies and poppy buds, blue lilly of the valley, and another flower (I can't identify it) that has a peach like tone, with grass and greenery to compliment. The edge is painted blue and has slashes, a train track like pattern, with brown lines crossing the blue. This piece clearly has crazing, which can be seen in the photos. It has a line on the back (close up in photo) that appears like crazing (as t is no crack felt), but is longer- approx 2". I don't know if this was always t, or if it would indicate that it would eventually be a crack, but at -present it does not jeopardize the piece, the line is underglaze. This is a sturdy, heavy, truly beautiful bowl. If you're a Weller or pottery collector, flower lover or anyone who appreciates the finer things in life, this piece is a must.

I am told that this bowl is from the Weller Bonito pattern.