This week I will have some real treasures for you if you're a true antique jewelry collector. One of my jeweler-clients went "down to The City" as we say in upstate New York and bought out a huge parcel of some of the oldest jewelry I've ever seen. As my dad would say, "Older than DIRT!" All high end beautiful stuff--lots of Victorian--diamonds, dogs, gold, you name it. So please be sure to check out each and every piece.

is a very rare 18K yellow gold HUGE, handwrought, high relief bloodstone cameo ring of Ares, the Greek god of War. Ares was the true god of battlelust, and couldn't keep himself from a brawl on his best day! He's notorious for a lot of great myths, including his adulterous affair with the goddess Aphrodite (we ALL know her. . .or at least what she stands for) when he was caught in a net/trap laid by her husband Hephaistos (long story). He also turned his own son-in-law into a serpent (just some mindless trivia--I was a former literature teacher). Ares is often portrayed in the fashion of the cameo on this large ring--with full battle helmet and shield, and a full beard. The detail on this cameo is truly amazing.

As for bloodstone, it has its own stories to tell. Bloodstone was believed, in ancient times, to have healing powers, and it's becoming more and more difficult to find because face it,
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