HUGE 1919-1940s German Stamp Collection Album SHEETS

This vintage teens, 1920's, 30's & 40's UNUSED German stamp book/album has tons of FULL sheets of stamps and consists of 64 pages, total (back and front included.) Handwritten on the front cover (in fountain pen?) is: "Lemmel Marken." I would say that at least 95% of the pages have full sheets of stamps. I took pictures of the stamps I thought were prettiest. There are planes, people, structures, etc. Stamps are from the teens, 1920's 1930's and 1940's (WWII), judging by what I have found online. The original owner glued the four corners to the pages, but now the majority of them are stuck to the pages. Some of the sheets in the first few pages are coming undone. Perhaps you could soak or freeze to remove them (although, you probably couldn't remove the full sheets in whole)? I am not a stamp collector by any means. This album was included in a box of books I bought at an Estate Sale. Please see the list below for description of stamps... Please be advised that the list may have mispellings, errors and/or incorrect numbers. I'm trying my best to be accurate! - 3 cent Ruffich Bolen overprint (sheet) - 3 cent belgien overprint (sheet) - 5 cent belgien overprint (block of 20) - 8 cent belgien overprint (8 stamps) - 7 1/2 cent Sen.-Souv Warfchau overprint (4 stamps) - 2 1/2 cent Sen.-Souv Warfchau overprint (sheet) - 2 1/2 cent Buftgebiet ... read more