HUGE 22X28in! Flower Of Life HOLOGRAM Sacred Art FRAMED

THIS IS A GIANT VERSION OF THE SMALLER CARD!!! 22X28in (almost 2X3ft!) and comes with nice shiny metal black frame ready to hang on the wall!FREE SHIPPING FOR ADDITIONAL ITEMS!!! SEE MY STORE FOR MORE AMAZING HOLOGRAMS!!! GREAT AS UNIQUE GIFTS!!!
This amazing Flower of Life hologram was designed from scratch by the Hologram Man himself as a tribute to the possible complexity of this technology and the unending possibilities of Sacred Geometry and the Flower of Life... Put this on your wall and when you walk by each morning you see the animation grow from the Seed of Life through the stages to the Completed Flower of Life with a pulsating Metatron's Cube and Chakras!!! -daily activation and enlightenment!!! This GIANT hologram is amazingly flashy, animated, and eyecatching... you will love showing friends this durable art for years to come!!! Made from and printed on prismatic optical lens. You see all the frames as you tilt the poster from side to side or when someone walks by. WOW!!! Size is a massive 22X28in!!!!
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