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Hey boys & girls~~ will ya take a look at this monster hand hewn dough bowl!! She is a beast I tell ya & quite the sight to behold! Measures approx 29" long by 17" wide by 9" deep. Also weighs about 19 pounds before we add a stitch of packing materials. The handle was actually a part of the original block of wood on this one~~ it was not applied later but carved right out from the same chunk of log! Does have a few "age earned marks of distinction" (i.e. small cracks & such) but these only tend to add more primitive appeal to this cool BIG piece if ya ask me! Oh~~ This one does also have a small tin patch on the spout which is too cool & you will see if you look close at the pics.

So take a look and grab her quick if ya want her because it will be a very long time before ya ever find another one this size & she is sure to be a welcome addition to you're primitive decor. :O)

Shipping can be figured to you with the calculator below. Just enter your zip code & viola~~~ t's your choices and prices. I do want to apologize for what that calculator is probably going to look like (especially if you live far away)~~ it's not me! The size of this makes it an OS1 parcel & the "oil Monger" powers that be have decided that we all need
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