Huge 40 Lego Instruction Manuals Lot - Star Wars Indiana Jones City Sponge Bob

This lot includes 40 Lego instruction manuals. 3178,3179,3830,3834,5969,5970,5972,5981,6241,7040, 7189(2), 7196,7199(2),7236,7570,7595(2),7626,7669,7682,7734,7744(3),7748,8014,8015,8017, 8038(2),8056,8126,8958,8962,8969, and 8970, and two others missing their cover. Overall the majority are in very nice condition. Other than the two missing covers, there are no missing pages that I see and the only real tear that I notice is the back cover page of one of the 8038's. Some are very nice, some show some use, but overall pretty good condition (see picture). Please email me with any questions.