This collection of 604 cards is a must-have for any Jacksonville Jaguars fan! It includes stars, rookies, inserts, premium brands, commons, and vintage cards. Since there are so many cards included, I will not be able to list them all. However, I will list some of the best cards. And, I'll total up the number of cards that are included for many of the team's star players.

Please see below for a listing of some of the highlights of this collection. Also, check out the scanned photos of some of the better cards that are included. The cards in bold in the listing are shown in the photos, but in no particular order. All of the listed cards are in nrmt to mint condition, unless otherwise noted below. 2016 Classics, Fred Taylor, #184 2016 Classics, Myles Jack (rookie), #209 2016 Classics Future Legends, T.J. Yeldon, #6 2016 Clear Vision Vision Bronze, Blake Bortles (#23/79), #16 2016 Contenders Draft Picks Autographs, Brandon Allen, #191 2016 Contenders Draft Picks Collegiate Connections, Blake Bortles / Brandon Marshall, #24 2016 Contenders Draft Picks Passing Grades, Brandon Allen, #17 2016 Leaf Draft, Brandon Allen, #6 2016 Leaf Draft, Jalen Ramsey, #35 2016 Leaf Draft, Myles Jack, #66 2016 Score, Myles Jack (rookie), #409 2016 Score Stoppers, Paul Posluszny, #4 2015 Bowman, Ben Koyack (rookie), #43 2015 Bowman, Dante Fowler (rookie)

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