is a fabulous no reserve on a spectacular ring not easily found in a store or ebay. While others are selling off unwanted inventory I have decided to sell the better items normally reserved for the peak shopping season. I want you all to come back and visit me often. Having said that "good luck" and happy bidding!

"A little history and background on the British India Estate". This is a beautiful ethnic Kunden collectable ring. This is an astonishing piece that will be auctioned to the highest bidder, please look at the pictures carefully and you will see what a find this is. I was appointed by this collector of rare historical jewelry to sell portions of his collections to test the fair market value of his pieces. This stately gentleman now living in London has sent me some of this collection to sell in the USA because we have determined the Ebay market to be stronger in the USA than Europe. This collection spans 3 centuries and includes many styles. As you can see the handmade Indian designs are quite unique and heavily garnished with gems. Most of these items were made for the very wealthy family of the British Indian Trading Company and elite aristocrats.

Description: They wont be able to stop stealing second glances at this one. This is a very nice piece of the collection, it contains a high quality fancy cut

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