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A masterpiece of cartography. Rare, huge , superb, vintage 1956 handcolored linenbacked map, the linenbacking really protected the map, the condition of the map is amazing. Fascianting, detailed and very attractive period map of this area. The map is titled City of Parkview. Parkview is now part of Fairview Park. The map is very detailed, I see Rocky River Reservation, the named home and land owners, size and locations of buildings, named business and industry, named schools, named churches, named mansions, named hotels, named streets, named railroads, named alotments and additions, and much more, very detailed period map. The map has some older ink writing on it, mostly numbers. I see many fascianting areas. The detail is fascianting. This is a vintage antique fine handcolored map, printed on thick, beautiful paper, with no printing on reverse. From the very rare 1956 G.M. Hopkins Atlas of Cuyahoga County Ohio. The map is overall in nice condition. I've seen many great antique county and city maps, by great names like Beers, Mueller, Bromley, Caldwell and more, Hopkins maps from this period are among the very best ever created. They used the best handcoloring, paper, typography, cartography and overall amazing detail. Its not a reproduction or copy. The map is an amazing and important historical snapshot

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