HUGE Antique Chinese Porcelain Jar with Blackwood Stand

Uber-handsome antique Chinese porcelain ginger jar of large and impressive size and very finely shaped. Delightful painted decoration allover, on one side a scene of noble ladies or courtesans pursuing genteel amusements in a garden whilst an oversize pink butterfly flutters high overhead. Extensive calligraphy on the other side, as the pics show. An old estate piece from a very good Dallas estate and unconditionally guaranteed authentic and old and I would date it to the mid- to late-19th century, ca. 1850 - 1880. Your money (less shipping) cheerfully refunded with *no questions asked* if you buy it and don't agree that it is antique after you see it in person, but you aren't going to be disappointed. Signed as shown on the underside, but I can't read Chinese marks so I'm unsure of the meaning; the collectors may know. CONDITION: T is a tiny fleabite to the inside of the footrim, VERY minor but mentioned for completeness. Also, I'm certain that this piece would have had a porcelain lid originally and the current wooden lid is an old replacement. Otherwise, no probems of any sort on very careful and honest inspection with NO chips, cracks, hairlines, fleabites, or repairs and very little wear to the painted decoration. The pics are very honest and show the condition well and you will not be disappointed in the condition of this piece. ... read more