HUGE Antique Exide Glass Battery Bottle Jar Casing

WHAT A FABULOUS FIND!!!!!! A rare antique glass battery container!
This old glass has amazing waves, bubbles and swirls and is incredibly thick. You just don't see them like this anymore!
This jar is in wonderful shape: No cracks or chips (you will see swirling in the photos but they are not breaks or fractures, just the lines you get with old time hand made glass jars) and only a few minor flea bites on edge (see picture). Both sides are embossed with EXCIDE MADE IN THE U.S.A., the bottom reads 25578 4
Dimensions are as follows: 15" high, 10" wide, 7 1/4" deep.
The business part: Please note that this is a paypal only auction. I do my best to describe each item but PLEASE always feel free to email me with any questions you have as all sales are final. I package well and ship the next business day following payment. Thanks for looking and happy bidding!
My dad (in his late 70's) just informed me that these were used during the depression of the 30's for homes that weren't wired for commercial AC power. Each glass case held a 2 volt battery (lead acid storage battery). The light bulbs and radios for these systems ran on 32 volts, tfore a home would have to have 16 of these batteries to operate things with wind generators charging them. By 1940 TVA (Tennessee valley authority) had built the hydroelectric plant
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