HUGE Antique Victorian Cast Iron Clothes Rack âe" RARE!!!

Huge Antique Victorian Cast Iron Clothes Rack âe" RARE!

You are bidding on a Rare Huge Antique Cast Iron Clothes Rack that I believe dates back to the Victorian era (late 1800âe(tm)s). This Clothes Rack is made of heavy cast iron (arms and legs/base) and appears that it may be nickel-plated over the cast iron in places and is worn. The clothes rack measures approximately 64 inches tall. This clothes rack has the top circular iron ring that turns completely around in a circle so you can stand in one place and select your article of clothing. The large iron ring is approximately 31 inches in diameter and 9 inches tall. This iron ring and top section slips off and on over the top part of the pole. The iron ring disassembles in sections. One of the arms on this circular part does have a break in the cast iron as you can see in the picture.

The feet on the clothes rack are fabulous. They are very ornate cast iron with a scalloped design at the top and a ribbed design down the top edge. The pictures show it better than I can describe them. Each leg top section is coupled together with the other legs to form the round opening in the base that the iron pole goes into. The bottom leg/feet section measures approximately 33 inches side to side. The feet are approximately 13 inches tall at the center part and approximately
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