Huge barbie,happy family, play set lot

Up for your consideration is a huge barbie doll and play set lot. This lot is being sold "AS IS" it is has been played with and there are some imperfections but given the age, everything is in good condition. Most dolls are clothed in their original outfit. This lot includes everything pictured. There are some spots, slight discoloration to a few pieces but not many. There is slight damage to one kelly doll foot as well as the grandmother dolls foot. There are also some spots and scratches on a small round pink table top. There are 20 adult barbies dolls (6 happy family; midge, alan, grandparents, new neighbor, and first birthday midge), 5 happy family toddler dolls, 25 kelly/ tommy dolls (3 tommy boy dolls, and 1 ryan happy family doll), and 12 barbie babies ( 5 happy family newborns, happy family new neighbor baby, 2 jointed krissy babies, and 4 barbie babies). There are 9 different barbie play sets; happy family first birthday, happy family baby nursery, happy family pool, barbie baby nursery, barbie wedding set, barbie veterinarian play set, barbie petting zoo, and two school play sets. The play sets come with everything pictured and are near or fully complete. This lot also comes with lots of barbie pets( some are bobble head), additional happy family clothing, food, happy family shopping cart and shelf, clothing, toilet, dishes, ... read more